Send money overseas.
Lowest rates guaranteed.

Xwapp liberates you from paying expensive service fees and charges.Every cent counts,
especially more so for the unbanked population. Our mission is to provide them with a simple,
safe and convenient solution that is faster and cheaper.

Available in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. (Beta)

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What is Xwapp?

  • A Peer-to-Peer platform that matches seekers of FX liquidity with providers of FX liquidity. A key feature is our crowd-sourcing style of facilitating transactions, powered by a matching algorithm.
  • The algorithm matches customers' jobs with registered "Xwappers". Xwappers are individuals or businesses that provide a service to extend the geographic reach of Xwapp's physical last-mile liquidity, by receiving or bringing cash to areas that are convenient to our customers.
  • Example: Ali's mum living in a village in Indonesia no longer has to travel 3 hours to the nearest town to get her monthly allowance remitted from Ali in Singapore. She can now withdraw cash from a nearby Xwapper in the vicinity.
  • Xwapp works with multiple corridor partners, enabling us to offer our users with the best remittance rates in real time.
  • Xwapp is KYC and AML compliant.

Key Benefits



We work closely with multiple corridor partners to ensure that we can offer you the best FX rates in town.


Greater Accessibility

Unlike our competition, we're not limited to fixed physical locations or operating hours. Send or withdraw cash through our distributed network of Xwappers anytime, any place.


Faster Processing time

Sending cash is almost instant on Xwapp. Your loved ones no longer need to wait hours to receive funds into their accounts.

Key Features

Send Funds

Locally – Sending money to your family and friends is just a few taps on our app. No
minimum amount, fees or delays.

Overseas – Sending money to your loved ones is super easy too. At Xwapp, we promise
to offer the best FX rates in town.


Earn money through Xwapp

Sign up as an agent or teller to earn money on Xwapp

Agents & tellers can earn up to $X per week by providing our
customers with XwappInTM and XwappOutTM services


Register as an agent or teller. Our staff will guide you through your application and training.


Once approved, agents and tellers will need to provide a float amount in your Xwapp account. This will allow our system to match you with the appropriate job requests. You will also need to specify the fee that you wish to charge for your services.


You're all set to start earning money! Xwapp will assign you jobs based on your service fee and location. Simply accept and fulfill job requests, and Xwapp will credit your account automatically after every successful transaction.

Sounds good?

Interested applicants
can sign up here

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Xwapp is currently in Beta mode, with a full launch release scheduled.
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